Good Clothes and Gear to Wear for Paintball

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Although you could wear anything you want for paintball, some things are more sensible than others to wear. For example, what you wear could help you strategically. If you’re wearing bright-colored clothing, then you’ll attract a lot of attention to yourself. Whereas if you wore paintball gear and clong with darker colors and camo, you’ll be more stealthy and not easily found by your opponents.

If you’re worried about getting too bruised up, wear pants and a long-sleeved T-shirt to help lessen the impact when you get hit. Also, the sport of paintball is messy so choose clothing you don’t mind getting dirty.  Keep in mind that this is a physical activity, so wear clothing that is easy to move in and will not constrain you.

These are just basic rules to follow when you are paintballing. If you are more competitive, there is more tactical gear available to improve your game. You can fit yourself with a paintball vest that can carry all of your paintballs and other necessary gear. There are also helmets and body armor available to protect yourself.

Other clothing is available such as Ghillie suits that help camouflage you even more. Ghillie suits changes the wearer’s outline from a linear to a three-dimensional look to blend in with the surroundings more. This is suitable when playing outside, but can get hot so that should be kept in mind.

Paintballing is a fun sport and is enjoyed more when the right clothing is worn.  Investing in some tactical gear can make the game even more fun with more gear to play and test out.


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