The Double Standard

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Every occasionally I go to work and have to deal with a female who thinks she know what her husband wants.

What right do you have to decide whether your husband or boyfriend can wear a certain shoe or piece of clothing?

Sometimes I have a person come in and find a pair of shoes he loves. The next day he brings them back because his wife does not like them.

I am outraged that you treat us this way. What would happen if you took him to buy clothes with you?

If he decides, he does not like the shoes you are buying and tells you not too buy them, what would you do?

You, being the woman, would freak out and cry. The double standard has to stop. Let him wear or buy what he wants.

You have heard that saying if a man walks into the woods and yells. And there is no woman in the woods to him yell is he still wrong? Funny right. Why can’t two adults work out their differences? That is the problem with my generation today. They want to get married, But they would rather chicken out. When they have an argument. Marriage is not until death do us part anymore. It is until I get tired of you, or we have an argument. I have learned a lot about the opposite sex but I still do not understand why there is a double standard. When you marry someone shouldn’t you be more compassionate than pushy? Maybe that is why so many relationships are failing. You should know enough about that person before you marry them to understand there likes and dislikes. Of course, I do not know everything maybe one day I will be able to read their minds.


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