The Signs Of The End Days

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Today we see more signs that ever that we are living in the end times. As times get worse we have to fix our eyes on the Lord.  Christian’s are getting put in prison for their faith, worse still some Christian’s have been killed for believing in Jesus. However no matter what we go through as Christian’s, when we think of our own troubles and persecutions they fade into insignificance compared to what Jesus went through on the cross.

On that cross as Jesus died He provided a way that we could be forgiven of all sin and enter into the kingdom of heaven at the end of our earthly lives. He prepared a way for us to enjoy eternity in communion with God. If we reject Jesus what we are saying is that we don’t want that future, we don’t want to spend eternity with Jesus. Why would we be able to spend an eternity with a God we never knew? If someone rejected your friendship would you want to spend eternity with that person? If heaven is a place where having a relationship with God and enjoying His presence is what it’s all about then we should know something about the God that we are going to spend eternity with.

Why would we want to stay in a life that brings so much pain as this one when the future of heaven offers so much more? If we love God and put our trust in Him then we will reap the rewards at the end of this life.


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