Reviewing Adelmo’s Restaurant in Dallas, Texas

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Adelmo’s restaurant in Dallas and it is located at 4537 Cole Avenue and the hours of operations of the place are from Monday through Friday for lunch from 11:30 A.M to 2:30 P.M and for dinner from 6:00 P.M to 10:00 P.M, and Saturday from 6:00 P.M to 10:00 P.M and it is closed on Sunday.

The restaurant offers both a mixture of Italian and Lebanese cuisine combining Mediterranean herbs, spices and grains to give a flavorful taste to the dish. The décor of the restaurant is simple with its white crisp tablecloth and pink walls that recall the colors of Tuscany and  if you want a private room there is one on the top floor that hold about forty people.

One neat thing about the restaurant is that it has a menu for the theatre goers called the pre-curtain menu and people are usually out of there by 7:30 to catch the show. The menu is a fixed price of $23.95 and it is composed by a first act which is either a house salad or the daily soup. While in the second act portion of the menu is composed by either grilled salmon with a mustard wine sauce, tomato and basil ravioli, red wine meat sauce tortellini., a sautéed chicken breast or Linguine with Marinara sauce with Italian sausage and for the third act you have a choice of a cappuccino ice cream pie, lemon sorbet, or warm bread pudding and then off to enjoy the show.

While for their regular lunch menu, for appetizers you can order the stuffed mushrooms which are Italian sausage, melted mozzarella and Marinara sauce for $10.00, or the Adelmo’s salmon tartar which is pate like for $12.00 and for beef tartar is $14.00, or even the marinated quail grilled couscous for $10.00. Or you can also order their risotto with mushrooms and saffron for $12.00, or the snails Siciliane with garlic, tomato and herbs for $11.00.


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