Fun with Adgetize

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I hooked up with Adgetize because you can make an extra buck and advertise your blog. It is a very simple and easy way to earn, and since I make my living on the net, this seemed to be the perfect addition.

With Adgetize I get paid to blog, for page reads and to read other peoples blogs. The first challenge, getting paid to blog seemed so easy at first. This I could do. I am going to blog anyway. Along the line I picked up the advice that if I blog every day, I will make some every day. So I daringly set forth, dedicated to put something good on my blog every day. It went well for a few days. Then the learning curve started getting steaper.on

With blogging, you also want to get read. I realized that putting on one or two words because you want to coin it from Adgetize does not really cut it. I want readers to my blog. Not simply passers through. Now I blog regularly; when I have something to say.

The blogging part isn’t the most fun. It is getting to read other peoples blogs. On Adgetize you find a readymade list of blogs you can visit if you go to Reports and blogs not read today. A lot of these are not on topics I like, but you find the gems, the ones worth reading. These are usually the ones worth following too. I won’t be opening a hundred blogs a day simply to make money anymore. Leaving comments and making friends is worth much more.

To me Adgetize became an experience; it is not simply a money making tool anymore.


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