How to Act like God

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How to Act like God

Text: john 10:30

MAN CAN NEVER BE GOD! However, from creation, God gave man the capacity and provision to master and enjoy his divine nature here on earth. (John 10:34, 1 john 5:4)

Kind begets Kind (Gen 1:26, ps 82:6), being his children, God expects us to think, feel, talk and act like him.

God intention for us was to have dominion, victory, authority, mastery, creative power, and control over emotions etc. to act like God; we need to posses his attributes. In order to possess this attributes we need to:

1-Be co-creators (Gen 1:1-2)

God brought into being things that did not exist. So having the nature of god gives us the capacity to be creative. We have a divine mandate from God to create (Gen 1:28). Creation begins with ideas; God has ideas and desires to transfer them to us.

Creation is work and work is compelling things to metamorphose into the shape we have seen them in our dreams. To work we need to set goals with defined plans and practical steps that will lead you to achieve your goals.

Work begins from the mental realm. Therefore when you apply your spiritual, mental and physical energy, creation will take place. In the process of creating, always remember it took god six days to complete the creation process ;( Gen 1; 31).HE could have used a minute or a day, rather he used six days. God was setting a pattern for us (co-creators).he was teaching us the law of process.

Begin to use what you have to create what you want. Whatever you have is enough for God to use in moving you to the next level of your life (jn6:5-13)

Stop thinking the way everybody thinks, see things, not the way there are but how they could be( Rom 12:2).the capacity to create solutions have been given to you by God. Therefore begin to see possibilities instead of obstacles and become an incurable optimist.

2-Walk in love(I john 4:7-8)

Gods’ motive and driving force is love. God actions are taken in love. Simply put god is love and every human is an extension of God therefore celebrates, appreciate, honor and treat people with dignity.

God demonstrated our true worth when Jesus died for us (john 3:16).So, we should have value for human life, learn to give, overlook other peoples mistakes (john 3:16-18). You cannot love and fail.

3-hate sin and injustice: (heb1: 8-9)

Breaking laws generally is sin. Obey constituted authority. Our nation sometimes compels us to commit sin, but as Christians, we do not live under the law but rather are led by God’s spirit (Gal 5:17-18)

4-submit to the leadership of the Holy Spirit (pro1:23)

If we obey God, he will release his spirit and the anointing upon us, causing us to enjoy divine direction, supernatural power and accuracy in out decisions.


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