Diy motivation that works

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Getting outside motivation is easy. There are a lot of sources you can approach. Nothing works as good as what you do for yourself though. Here is a very simple trick I taught myself.It is something to keep me busy when I can’t sleep at night – something much better than turning my problems over and over in my head. Something that works.

You see, I write for a living, so constructing the next article is usually the issue of the day. I decide the day before what the next article would be. Then I start building a picture in my mind of what I want in this article. I then add everything into this picture that would make it a clear, readable and understandable article. I also add the joy of having it complete and getting it read.

This works for writing and it works for most everything else. Your brain works in a wonderous way. Once you create a picture inside your mind, you latch on to it and start following it. Don’t think you are not already doing it. Do you remember going to school. You had projects to hand in. If you had a project you did not do and you know the teacher is going to come down hard on you, you start having a bad day even before you lay eyes on that teacher. You either start planning how you are going to take what is coming, or you start thinking how you are going to explain your side and try to get out of it. Or you may just get stuck on an I-don’t-care type attitude. It does not matter wich one you choose. Each of these strategies starts you off thinking about what is going to happenwhen you get to this teachers class. You start planning how you are going to react and what you are going to do when reaching the inevitable – being confronted about not handing in your work. You created a picture in your mind as to what is going to happen. You added everything into this picture you would like to happen. This allows you to react to the situation in a way that makes your strategy play out seemingly automaticaly. Now say for example that the thing you expect to be happening were something you needed to do. You have to paint your house for arguments sake. You get the message that it needs to be done. It could be because your wife is demanding it. Maybe your neighbor is laughing at the paint flaking off. Or maybe you are simply going to do it because you want to. Whatever the reason, you start thinking about how its going to get done. You start thinking about selecting the paint and about getting the job done. You start building a picture about what should happen. Now if you filled this picture with a lot of negative elements, like not getting the color you want, or the work being too difficult, or any other disaster, you are creating a picture. Eventually your mind will find a way to play it out.

If you make a positive decision to take charge of this picture since you are creating it anyway, you can change it. At least you have a chance of enjoying getting it done since your mind will find ways to play out the positive elements you added into your picture. So this is what I taught myself. When I think about what I have to do, I ad in pofitive things. I can ad in what I like into my picture, it is simply thoughts. When I get to the point where things start happening, my brain are already primed by my thoughts and starts looking for ways to play out what I were thinking.

The trick is to give your brain positive ideas to react with. It works for me. Now you try it.


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