The Buried Terra-Cotta Warriors of Ancient China

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Emperor Qin Shi-Huangdi of ancient China came to power when he was 13 years old. When he was alive the emperor ordered his laborers to begin to work with his tomb.

This project was believe to be taken for 36 years before it was totally completed. The archaeologists that excavate the tomb found 6,000 figures of massive clay army buried with the emperor. Most of the figures were found in standing formations. They originally held weapons of bronze spears and swords or bows and arrows.

To protect the tomb,  it was being rigged with booby trapped crossbows. Still, robbers found and looted the tomb and most of the weapons healed by the soldiers were pilfered centuries ago.

Incidentally the tomb was found in 1974 in the Huang River Valley by Chinese peasants who were digging a well. The buried army has military figures- archers, officers, charioteers, and horses.

The soldiers was found in their bright painted uniforms in a variety of colors ; red, green, blue, and lavender. They were individually crafted, the head the hands, with attention, even to such details as their hair and eyelashes.

The statues were apparently modeled after a specific soldier. Some of the statues, have a stamp on the back of the head bearing a name, most probably of the soldier or the artist who created its likeness. As they stand in long straight ranks, they appeared as willing to take their duty to guard the tomb of their emperor.


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