Five Tips for Team Building: How to Build effective Work Teams

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Teamwork is today the foundation of several activities that take place in our business and social lives everyday whether it is to raise funds for charity, organize a secret birthday party for a colleague, design a breakthrough product for customers or design and manage an election campaign.

To Build effective teams, here are a few tips that will help;


Effective teams eagerly look at their processes and behavior to streamline and improve them. Team members should regularly reflect on what they should keep doing, stop doing and start doing for continuous improvement


A strong feedback and learning loop is essential to constantly improving the effectiveness of the team. Individual development, Training programs, team building and bonding activities should be regularly engaged in other to ensure a high-performing team.

Setting goals and priorities and reviewing them frequently:

The team must first have a driving vision or goal. It is this common goal or set of priorities that provides a basis for measuring the effectiveness of the team. A common goal or focus creates an atmosphere for every team member to work together as a single unit.

Balancing the team for strength

Strong teams add people because of their strengths not for the absence of their weakness. To balance a team for strength a leader of a well balanced for example might assign a team member with strong technical skills but weak interpersonal skills to work with another member with weak analytical skills but strong people skills.

Run Meetings well

Meetings are the most important ingredient for effective team working. It ensures that teams are actively interacting and engaging together in pursuit of the common goal. Research has shown that when meetings are run effectively, teams make better decisions than individuals.


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