Top 5 Most Fuel Efficient Cars

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With the whole world discovering more about global warming, a thinning atmosphere, and polluted environments, people have started to develop cars which run on fuel other than diesel. Oil prices are changing for the worst, even oil is starting to be a scarce natural resource. Car companies have developed new ways to power cars, here is a list of them:

  • Solar batteries
  • Electricity
  • Plant based fuel
  • Solar panels

Although these new types of fuel aren’t fully developed yet, there are some vehicles which are using primitive forms of them, and can save you a lot of money. Other than just developing new ways to produce energy, they have built cars which just use much less diesel than previous ones, or cars which use a mixture of diesel and other energy sources. By 2012 they are expecting to have a large variety of fuel efficient cars, which greatly influence our fight against global warming, and other threats against the environment.

Here is a list of the  top 5 most fuel efficient cars to date.

  1. The 2010 Toyota Prius will consume much less diesel fuel. It comes at a price of $21,000.
  2. Here’s another car made by Toyota, The 2009 Toyota Prius. It sells for $22,000
  3. Third is the Honda Civic 2009, selling for $23,650
  4. Fourth is the 2010 Honda insight, this car will sell for an estimated $20,000
  5. Last but not least is the 2009 Smart Fortwo. This car sells for only $11,990!!

Here’s a link to these cars, and if you want to buy them.

These cars are made by the world’s leading car manufacturers.


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