how to maximize your summer internships: five tips for college students

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Your summer internship period as a college student provides you a unique opportunity to gain real work experience and develop real skills related to your course of study in college. This experience could go along way in shaping your career and should therefore be maximized. Here are a few tips that will help:

Begin your summer internship experience with a vivid visualization of your goals:

When you begin visualizing your goals for your summer internship it will appear fuzzy and hazy at first but the more you visualize the clearer it becomes and the faster it comes to you. With regards to vividness, there is a relationship between how clearly you see the details of your goals in your minds eye and how quickly it appears in your reality.

Begin your summer internship experience with a broad perspective:

People with limited perspectives experience limited lives too. Some people tend not to think of other alternatives outside what has been said or written or known to work over the years. Thus when these proven methods don’t work, the problem is said to be impossible. Begin your summer internship with a firm belief that there is a better way to achieve your goals.

Operate Like a detective:

Life will not give you what you deserve; it will give you what you demand. Deliberately “indulge” yourself in a learning spree. Never emerge from a system without discovering how it works and how to couple it afresh if you have to. Turn your internship into an exploration of information and business know-how. If you are smart you can cheaply build critical skills that will make you indispensible in-house training programs, field trips, strategic errands and “role playing”

Ignore the impulse for instant gratification

Instant cash is the inspiration of the short sighted. For so many the first consideration for a choice of summer internship placement is the size of the financial reward and connections that will guarantee employment after college.

In the 21st century connections hold little promise for a college student who hasnothing to offer. The best paying company is that which makes you so in search of placement, you creed should be “seek to be made rather than to be paid”. Made college graduates eventually pay themselves and others.

Build a wide contact base

Contacts matters. However the circumstances surrounding the contact matters even more. How do you meet people on a subservient level or on the high plane of ideas? A lot of college students think of themselves as mere pets whose survival depends on the goodwill of their patrons or bosses. And so indeed it becomes. Be bold! Discuss ideas and initiatives that will expand the practicing frontiers of the organization where you are having your internship.


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