How To Make Your Morning Coffee Into An Extra High Energy Drink

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Recent studies have shown that caffeine aids in staying focused and aids in concentration. This refers to an amount of caffeine equal to 2-4 cups of regular brewed coffee. This does NOT refer to overstimulation which may make you jittery, make your pulse race and keep you completely UNABLE to focus. Whenever you are deciding on an energy drink, please be aware of your pulse rate.

In addition to that morning rush, some people just love the taste of coffee. Hot, cold, sweet, unsweented and in different flavors, coffee is the drink of the millenium. Here is a recipe for a seriously high energy cup of morning coffee. Here’s what you’ll need.

  • Brewed coffee
  • Coffee mug, not a cup, a mug
  • Sugar or Sweet n Lo
  • Folgers Capuccino Mix, Chocolate
  • A stomach of steel

Brew a pot of coffee. The amount of coffee that you use to brew a pot will work fine, but if you want an extra energy kick, use twice as much coffee in the brewing basket.

Put into a coffee mug, two HEAPING spoonfuls of Folgers Cappucino Mix. Add two packets of Sweet N Lo. If you prefer sugar, sweeten to taste. The cappucino mix is already sweet, so start small with the sweetener and add to it if you need to. Also, sugar provides a little more energy.

Pour hot coffee into the mug. The mixture tends to blend better if you pour the coffee into it rather than adding it to the coffee. Stir well, drink.

It takes about 30 minutes for it to get into your system; be prepared.

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