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I had my share of people telling me that it is impossible to make money on the Internet. As usual, I never listen to other people. I started researching, looking for others who made it and trying to find out what they did. If someone else die then I can too.

With this very positive attitude I read through page after page on the net trying to find something that works. I found a lot of great advice and addresses on where to go. I had stacks and stacks of things I could do. I had lists and lists of sites I could link to. I had many different ways I could earn on the net. Still it seemed I needed something more.

After reading about all the great deeds done by bloggers and marketers and proofreaders and what not I still had no money. It was only then it came to me. There is a difference between making easy money on the Internet and making money constantly and long term. I were looking for the easy part. It all sounded so simple; click here, link there, sit back and make tones of money. That is the part you don’t really find on the net. Its like trying to find the end of the rainbow… sometime reality kicks in.

Reality, that is the part most of us can’t really stand. Some of us spends a lifetime chasing our own little rainbow – or being disgusted once we realise we will never catch it. Not unless that reality thing catches up with us first. You see, that is the point when you start making money on the Internet. That is the big secret.

Making money on the Internet takes work. It is a lot of work, especially when you start out and still have to get everything set up. That is the reality of making a living on the net. You first have to do the hard part. The work part. Once everything is set up and all of the affiliates joined and all of the groundwork done, only then does it get a little more easy. It still stays work.

Some of us never do the work though, so next time you tell me it can’t be done, I’ll be asking you one question: What did you do for how long? You can make it too.

You will find more about working online in my blog.


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