Is HCG Helpful For Losing Your Weight

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Today there is over abundance of fads making their way in the weight loss industry every new day or the other. Even more surprising fact is that, the common people are accepting these fads without thinking over them twice even though it is a matter of their own health. People hope to loose weight rapidly with the help of these fad products, but if you ask me, I never believe in fads, and never will! In this article I will tell you about the latest weight loss fad called HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) and how far it can help you loose weight.

To begin with first let us understand the meaning of HCG. HCG is not a drug but a hormone that is already present in the human body.  The hormone is found in excess in the body of pregnant women. This is the reason why any women whose HCG tests are positive are confirmed to be pregnant.

The benefits of HCG on obese persons were not previously known by people until a notorious author called Kevin Trudeau came up with a book that claimed that HCG can indeed help people loose weight. For those who don’t know, Kevin Trudeau has already spent a considerable amount of time in jail for several violations of FTC guidelines. But there is no scientific or medical claim to support the fact that HCG is a wonder hormone that can help people to loose weight faster. Not even the manufacturers who produce a synthesized version of this hormone claim that it is beneficial for obese people. It is only a handful of health professionals and experts who are claiming that they have proof of its effectiveness on overweight people.

Several studies and tests were conducted on HCG for almost forty years to prove the efficacy of these claims. A lot of research was carried out regarding the effectiveness of HCG on obese people. Not a single research or study done till date has been able to prove that HCG indeed helps one loose weight. So how can the health professionals claim its efficacy?

However if you choose to opt in for an HCG treatment, the health professionals or doctors will ask you follow a diet that is low in calories. So whether it is the low calorie diet or the HCG hormone that is helping people to loose weight is not clear.

In spite of several years of study and research, HCG has been banned in the US much time before. If you want to purchase synthetic HCG, you will need to purchase it either from the black market or import it from another country, both of which can prove very costly for you!

If you take my advice, I would recommend that until the effectiveness of HCG is fully proved, you should just follow the old method of healthy diet plan and exercises. Health food plan doesn’t mean that you will have to diet; just eat lost of fruits and vegetables, and drink lots of water, and make sure that you avoid the junk, processed and fatty foods as much as possible! This is a proven way to weight loss success.


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