The concept of justice

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What is the real meaning of justice? How do we know between what is right and what is wrong? To some, what seems unjust is just to others, so what line must we not cross while searching for justice? Justice seems to always be precariously swaying between what is good and what is evil, but there can never be a perfect balance as one’s justice affects others no matter how hard one tries not to.

Justice is more than often dealt with in court, but the question we should be asking ourselves is whether or not the justice presided over in court is a fair one. Personally, I think not. Every time a politician or a famous celebrity is arrested for whatever reason and they end up in court, odds are they get released almost immediately. This is mainly the result of having a vast amount of connections as well as wealth.

Unfortunately, this same advantage of which the higher class entitle themselves to, does not apply to the lower classes nor middle class. Those unfortunate enough would have to suffer the consequences since they cannot afford bail. The inequality in court is rather evident to the untrained eye as long as one does not look the other way when it occurs. This is mainly caused by prejudice leading to injustice in a place intended to deliver justice, which is quite the irony.

Sometimes there are criminals who do wrong to a person but the victim cannot retaliate in any way possible due to the laws that would restrict such an act; meanwhile, the court tends to sentence the criminals to punishments that simply do not fit the crime. This other kind of injustice ensues quite frequently.

I think that the punishment should be more inclined towards the Babylonian way, that of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. In my opinion, this would be a more favorable way to settle disputes and use to decide punishments.

Nowadays, people sometimes sue for idiotic reasons and somehow, they end as the victor. For example, one lady bought coffee and as she went to add sugar and cream, she spilled the coffee, which she bought from McDonald’s, on her lap causing third-degree burn. For this reason she sued McDonald’s and ended up winning almost $600,000.

On another occasion, a woman who had just recently bought a 32-foot motor home decided to have a sandwich. There was one problem though, she was driving it on a freeway at around 70 mph, but that was no problem for her apparently. All she had to do was put it on Cruise Control, right? Wrong, she ended up crashing and thought it was fair for her to sue the company. The verdict: She won $1,750,000 plus a new motor home. As I said before, for stupid reasons.

Another type of justice which is seen in the movie, “Batman: The Dark Knight”, is that of how far can a good guy go to achieve justice without turning into the bad guy. This movie shows that there are moments in which we need to just ditch our ethics in order to overcome a dangerous criminal. In the movie, Batman uses cell phones to find the villain, but by doing it, he can also see what every single person with a cell phone is doing and where they are at, which completely invades the privacy of one.

This method is considered illegal, but as they say, “desperate times call for desperate measures”, and it ended up being successful. Afterwards, he was then considered a criminal for doing what was necessary. This dilemma reflects what is happening now. Currently, the government is always monitoring calls, messages sent through the Internet, and much more. Although the purpose of this security is done with good intentions, there will be a moment in which too much of our freedom is stripped from us.

Justice is a very controversial topic and although it is usually difficult to decide the right punishment, the means to obtain justice is worse. Sometimes we lose ourselves in the process. The problem is that normally, the punishment does not go with the accusation. This leads us to seek out our own justice.

For example, if a man hurt another man’s woman, the most logical move would be to confront the attacker, which would then lead into a fight. But this method is not favored by society as a whole. Justice is different for each individual and there is simply no way to refine it.


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