What is Christianity?

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What is Christianity?  What is an ideology?  What is a philosophy?  Or a religion?  There are many people who think that if it is not one, then it’s the other.  But after doing a little investigation, I came up with my own opinion.  Before giving my opinion though, I would first like to help you understand several vital definitions.  According to WordReference, an ideology is a “Set of key ideas that characterize the thought of a person, a community, a doctrine or a time period”, a philosophy is “Spirit, principles, and general concepts of a field or a theory”, and a religion is a “Set of dogmas, standards, and practices relative to a divinity”.  Now for the discussion of Christianity.

The word “Christianity”, according to Wikipedia, “comes from Greek χριστιανους, christianóus,  ‘Christian’, which in turn comes from the name Χριστός, Christós, which is the translation of the Hebrew, “Messiah” which means the “Anointed””.  Christianity is not as other religions, which focus on the practice of their religion.  Christianity is aimed more towards the loyalty to God and only him, as it is a monotheistic religion, to be able to embark on the road to a good life.  This religion was founded in Rome by prophets and Apostles, and ultimately, Jesus.  The idea of a good life and the ability to go to heaven after death was attractive to many people, the poor majority.  This ideology was pursued by many from different places.  Christianity satisfied the need for belonging for many people and the fact that Jesus was human increased the attraction of this religion.  There was a Christian who was considered the “Second founder of Christianity”, and converted many non-Jews and expanded Christianity from a small religion to a massive one.  This Christian’s name was Paul.   He was the one who “provided a universal basis for the dissemination of the ideas of Christ”.  In addition to that, the death of Christ and his resurrection was most striking unto the Christian populace.

Christianity can be considered as all three: an ideology, a philosophy and a religion.  Christianity emerged quite fast and was always popular.  Soon, the people of all classes began to convert since Christianity was not an exclusive religion.  Although this religion originated in Rome, that does not mean that it was accepted immediately.  In the beginning, the Christians were simply ignored, but after a while, the persecution began.  Finally, with their faith, they could endure the pain and keep moving on.  Now Christianity is one of the largest religions with millions of followers.


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