Book Review of Percy Jackson and the Olympians

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If you’re a fan of Greek mythology and a superb action/adventure series, than I would strongly recommend you go and buy this book series at your local bookstore as soon as possible.  This epic series titled, “Percy Jackson and the Olympians”, by multi-award winning author Rick Riordan, focuses on the life of a seemingly ordinary young boy named Percy Jackson.  Unfortunately, the most unusual circumstances never allow Percy to live this ordinary life.  Every time he is enrolled in a new school, he ends up getting kicked out due to inexplicable reasons, sometimes he blows up the school, or other times he simply does something outrageous, but nevertheless, he has bad luck with schools. It all begins with the new school at Yancy Academy; his life turns from the unusual kid with ADHD and dyslexia which his classmates tease him for, to a life of a hero always facing a new threat.

Throughout the mythical adventures of Percy Jackson, he discovers the truth about himself and the world around him.  It turns out that he’s a demigod, but not just any demigod; he’s the son of the one and only, the ruler of the sea, Poseidon.  I mean, seriously, how cool is that?!  He also finds out that he has quick reflexes because of his ADHD and the dyslexia is due to the fact that his main language is in fact, Greek.   As soon as he is aware of how real mythology is and the role he is destined to take part in, the danger and action increases tenfold.  His journeys take him and his group of companions, Annabeth and Grover, across the United States and other locations in order to complete quests and in his travels he encounters a minotaur, Cyclopes, vampires, the Greek Gods such as Zeus and Apollo, Titans, satyrs, and much more interesting mythical creatures and heroes.

As time passes, a year between each book, Percy and his friends mature, as well as their battle skills.  By the fourth book, Percy is able to manipulate ocean water to his will and can cause disastrous damage on those who threaten him and his friends.  Also, the relationship between Percy and Annabeth is fairly obvious to everyone except Percy who appears to be in denial of having those kinds of feelings towards Annabeth although, jealousy strikes him at times.  The characters in this series are extremely likeable and all seem to fit in somewhere, although I believe there is one flaw, and that is the age of the characters.  To me, they seem slightly mature for their age, especially in the first book, but then again, they are demigods, right?

The action is intense from the beginning to the end, practically taking away your free will of being able to put the book down.  Whether they are the fighting scenes or a pursuit taking place, the book itself seems to ensnare your mind into the mythological world, and I assure you, your imagination will definitely be running nonstop.  Also, the unique abilities that come with being the child of a Greek God are simply mind-blowing when used.  For example, the sons of Apollo simply cannot be matched by anybody in archery for their always hits the desired target no matter the difficulty of the shot.  Throughout the books there will be many battles and events, such as races, that will keep one intrigued, and the amount of monsters included and the background info given on several of them make it an amazing mythology-based series.  So if you’re worried about there not being enough action, well cross that worry off your list for this is an adrenaline-rushing roller coaster of suspense and thrills.

Another thing I loved about the series is how the author managed to tie America’s modern culture to Greek mythology, and very often, he manages to connect the two seamlessly, almost to the point where it just seems plausible.  The key locations he chose were simply amazing, such as the top of the Empire State Building for Mt. Olympus, or the Bermuda Triangle for the Sea of Monsters, I simply loved it!  It just made things more believable.

If you’re looking for a refreshing action-packed, entertaining, and witty series that delves into the world of Greek mythology, then meet Percy Jackson for he brings with him everything you’re looking for!  Plus monsters.  This series is a must-read for mythology fans as well since it also includes a significant amount of background information on several Greek mythology stories.  This series is a pleasant addition to the young-adult fiction book collection.  Hopefully, Rick Riordan will continue with his writing, whether it is based on Greek mythology or not.


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