True magic is within

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The true magic of any craft or individual is manifestation, when you do a spell, or pray, or meditate on a particular idea or subject you are concentrating your energy and thoughts on the idea and therefore sending those thoughts to the universe causing manifestation. When you buy the ingredients to make a magic potion like an elixir to help get rid of the cold you came down with twenty hours before, the act of gathering the ingredients, of mixing, grinding, cooking; what ever you must do to prepare the potion is causing you to put your intent into that elixir. Your thoughts send that intent to the universe and you manifest your own healing.

The act of needing ingredients to mix a potion or doing a spell is all about focusing your intent on your desire no matter what it is. When a spell calls for a red candle for love and a picture of someone you desire, those objects are there to help you focus on your wish. Which is, that you would like this person to love you, which is the thoughts that you are having and sending out to the universe? That is what you are attempting to manifest. When you say the spell or chant that helps to further solidify your desire, you are sending those thoughts and the desire out into the universe asking the energy of the universe to grant your desire.

True magic is the act of manifestation, this is also known as the law of attraction, which is “like attracts like”. In the case of a love spell, this principle still occurs, however it usually goes bad because you used negative energy to force your will on another, which attracts negative energy to the situation, causing the object of your affection to resent you and the “love” to go terribly wrong. This is often why many covens and solitaries do not practice love magic unless it is non specific to an individual.

Manifestation also occurs during prayer, as in the case of a healing prayer. When I was a little girl I remembered going to church services and being asked, along with the congregation, to pray for someone because they were going trough a hard time. Ultimately this individual would have their circumstances changed drastically and the church would give thanks to god for answering their prayers. In this case, the members were causing the manifestation because there was a group of individuals concentrating on a goal, and sending their energy and thoughts to the universe to help that person. This is also a form of manifestation being brought on by a group activity. Covens use these same principles, bringing on manifestation through group spells or chants.

True magic does exists, and is possible for everyone to obtain, it only takes a little research to understand and implement the principles of the law of attraction. It requires very little to weld this power, just the understanding of the law and the belief in ones self. Awakening your personal energy will not only aid in manifestation, but will help you become self confidant, and bring positive energy into your life. You must remember that you are a divine being and you were given gifts to help you along this journey of self exploration and discovery.


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