Reasons To Play Video Games

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For almost my whole life, I have played video games. This has provided me with years of entertainment, storylines that are thrilling, and thoroughly formulated characters that I can relate with. There are video games that offer a variety of teaching tools. A person can learn how to do yoga, formulate a diet plan, sharpen their reflexes, cook meals, and even learn different languages. These games are mainly offered on the Nintendo DS hand held console. The DS is a very portable system that has a huge amount of games with these teaching tools and more basic forms of entertainment, like the popular Mario games. I believe that some video games have helped enrich my education.

Entertainment is a major part of video gaming. Each game is created carefully to ensure that the player will have hours of enjoyment. For example, when I was a young boy, I played Super Mario World on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System daily. After beating it again and again, I still played it. To this day, I still play it and enjoy it. Stories and characters are a very important aspect of video games. They may offer a deeply thought-out storyline that has characters to which people can relate. For example, the game Kingdom Hearts for the Sony Playstation 2 has an intense storyline that involves a boy named Sora who travels to different Disney-film planets with famous Disney characters to save his friends who were separated from him. Sora is adventurous and courageous. He could be seen as a role model to some. For instance, he battles many different monsters and Disney villains such as Jafar from Aladdin, Oogie Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas, and the Titans from Hercules throughout the game. These images may be intimidating for the average person. In attempt to rescue his friends, he risks his life in dangerous situations. People could emulate Sora as a role model for his courage and adventuresome spirit.

Playing a game with a great plot as well as interesting characters can be a great experience, because you get the excitement of living a story yourself, and you get to control what happens.

As you can see, video games aren’t always a bad thing as some people think. Personally, I have learned how to cook new dishes, perform a variety of yoga poses, and formulate a diet plan. If used in moderation, video games can be a wonderful form of entertainment and education. With them, you can obtain new skills, gain new knowledge, and have fun for hours on end in the bargain.


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