When Will Blizzard Unveil It’s New MMO?

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Most of us gamers have known that Blizzard Entertainment has been up to something since 2007 or so. Some sort of secret project in the gaming industry. We’ve heard rumors of a World of Warcraft 2, a World of Diablo, a World of Starcraft, and another addition to the Warcraft series. Blizzard hasn’t told us anything so far, and nobody knows why. Nothing has even been unveiled at BlizzCon, which many people are upset about. Really, this new game could be anything. Maybe a serious upgrade to the ever-popular World of Warcraft? No clues have been handed out whatsoever, so it is nearly impossible to tell what is being brewed up behind closed doors at Blizzard Entertainment. Hopefully there will be a leak somewhere in the near future to give us at least a little something. Anything, really.

My personal belief, is that they will be making a World of Diablo, possibly Starcraft. They will of course give it a less cheesy name, spiff it up way more than World of Warcraft, and throw in some little bit that they forgot about in WoW. Maybe I’m wrong though. It could be a breakthrough in the gaming industry, something that we could never expect to come from Blizzard. Perhaps something way out of Blizzard’s norm. Something remade and refined to be a work of art, of greater quality than any other game made in the past.

So seriously Blizzard, tell us what’s up. Any little detail of the secret project would be appreciated.


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