How to Become A Sucessful Entreprenuer

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Today in this economy it is important to know who you are and what characteristics you have. So you decided to go into buisness for youreself or thought about it, well im here to tell you and incourage you and tel you i think thats a great idea. An Amreican dream for most, but first we must discuss the traits and chracteristics of being suceesful but identifieing and classification. Typical  characteristics of a sucessful Entreprneur are

  • An Overpowering need to achieve, as opposed to a need to be liked or to be accepted. The form in which many different individuals measure ther acheivements varies widely, ranging from wealth to building a small organization.
  • Following through, On a commiment, not quiting haf-way through the process when it gets hard and tuff. Dont give up, if you want it bad enough fight for it and at the end you will reap the many great rewards.
  • Positive Mental Attitude, or the ability to remain optimistic when things gu hay – wire, stay calm, keep focused its just a destraction. Be self confident and know that what may come or go you can and will suceed in the end.
  • Objectivity, The ability to accurately weigh snd assess the risks associated with a particular course of action, Be realistic about your abilities, goals and limitations.
  • Anticipate Developement, Make things happen, instead of reacting to problrms or siaations that may arise. Remember stay focus on what you are doing.
  • Resoucreful, The ability to solve unique problems in unique ways, create resources for back up, think ahead, strategize and plan.
  • Personal Relations, The sucessful Entreprenuer usually has an emotional stable balance personality, is cheerful, cooperative and gets along with others well.
  • Communication Skills, Well developed, in oral and written and good at presentations or getting there point across. This is good for selling your idea or products to world

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