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A lot of people ask me how to go about knowing which religion is the “ONE” true religion. This is a secret formula that everyone should know but only a few do. The formula is simple and it only requires the belief in ones self. The one true religion is your own religion, you know the beliefs that you hold close to your hearts and trust in. Those beliefs are your own and they guide you on your personal path of discovery.

Yes that means that all true religions are unique and don’t have a set structure or dogma. I know that there are those individuals out there who feel it necessary to prescribe to a certain dogmatic principles and that is fine too. Because if you actually look deep enough in your own hearts you will find that your personal beliefs of that particular dogmatic religion are unique to you and you alone.

The one thing you need to remember the most is that your personal beliefs make you who you are and without them you would just be another robot or sheep doing what you’re told instead of following your heart. After all, the secret to life is that we are all one, we are not separate from one another, we are connected by invisible strings of the web of the universe, and our individual personal beliefs, just make the web more interesting.

Yes we are all different; every single one of us and that includes our spiritual beliefs as well. It is time to accept people for who they are and what they believe without passing judgment and criticizing, after all is that what makes this journey in this realm so much more interesting.


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