Quick and Easy Fixes for DLL Errors

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Almost all PC user faces the most common ,irritating, and complicated errors, which is referred by the operating system as DLL errors. DLL errors are the most common and complicated errors to troubleshoot and resolve it completely. But every problem has a solution and so does the DLL error have. But a question may pop out in your mind, if you are not familiar with DLL at all and hearing it for the first time.

What is DLL?

DLL is an abbreviation form of Dynamic Link Library which holds the data and controls that is crucial for your windows. Applications in your windows and your pc’s hardware driver register usage to DLL’s which store commands to process repeated tasks.

That’s not all, you need to know how DLL error fixes. It’s not too hard but you can do it manually. To fix some DLL error you can simply download the file from DLL4FREE and replace it with the corrupted file. If you don’t want to take the heck, then you can simply opt for this but remember one thing, it is not applicable for all DLL errors. Here I’m summarizing few common DLL errors and the quick and easiest way to fix those DLL Errors where you will require some additional steps to fix DLL errors.

tai2.dll not found error :- Experiencing a tai2.dll not found error can be very frustrating. For repairing a tai2.dll not found error you need to download a registry fix software and let it examine your entire system’s dlls and to repair problematic DLL’s. You can get this Registry Fix Software for free which not only scans your PC for free but repairs DLL error for free. You ca download it here – Registry fix

Xpcom_core.dll Errors: – Xpcom_core.dllerrors can be show up in your computer in several different ways. The most common errors which you might see are as follows:-

Xpcom_core.dll Not Found, The file xpcom_core.dll is missing, required component is missing: xpcom_core.dll file, this application failed to start because xpcom_core.dll was not found etc etc.

Here is a quick remedy for Xpcom_core.dll Errors. The very first thing which you should always avoid is downloading xpcom_core.dll from any DLL download website. You should always get fresh copy of xpcom_core.dll from a original source. Steps required doing it:-

♦ Start windows in safe mode and restore xpcom_core.dll from the recycle bin, if you have deleted it accidentally. You can also recover it with a free recovery program.

♦ Run a complete virus scan of your system. Some xpcom_core.dll can be caused by some virus/malware which might have damaged the DLL file.

♦ Do a system restore to undo recent changes and recover xpcom_core.dll file. The most easiest way to recover xpcom_core.dll.

Missing Hal.dll or Corrupt Hal.dll :- This kind of DLL is error is often caused by boot.ini or hal.dll file issue. The best way to fix the Hal.dll Error is by fixing the Windows registry with the help of registry cleaner or registry fix application. I would never recommend you to fix these kind errors by manually fixing the registry without the help of any registry cleaner. By doing it manually you can remove or alter wrong files in the registry which can cause very serious damage to your windows. I have personally repaired Hal.dll with registry cleaner and so I would always recommend you to do so. Why taking so much heck and pain when you have quick and easy solution to fix all kind of DLL errors.


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