Unique Free Traffic Generating Tips

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These are unique free traffic generating tips you won’t get anywhere else:

1. Search your web stats and logs for fresh topics.

Your referral logs shows you the words or phrases people typed into the search engines to get to your site. For free tools that can give you accurate web statistics use Google Analytics, but the only disadvantage is that Google will know everything about your site. Another good tool is AWStats and it is also free.

2.Write and give away free ebooks.

After writing your free ebooks, go to the search engines and look for ebook directories to list your free ebooks. Submit to as many ebook directories as possible.

3.Be controversial.

This traffic tip works real good, but be prepared! because not all the comments you will get would be friendly. A friend of mine wrote about a very popular female artiste and her sex scandal, he got about 20,000 visitors in 24 hours, that’s really an enviable sum, but he also got lots of ugly remarks for his article. So if you don’t mind the downside it might work well for you.

4. Get some links from Google AdSense.

Go to Google AdSense Help discussion group , helpfully answer questions and at the bottom of your post, leave a link to your blog or website. It is advisable to give genuine and correct answers, so that you can gain credibility and trust and even people will refer others to you.

5.Use a trustworthy and reliable web host .

Using a trustworthy and efficient web host pays off at the long run. If your site is not available when Google search bug comes knocking , your website or blog may vanish from the search index and this will make it impossible for your site to be reached by searchers.

6.Write articles for other blogs and websites.

Volunteer as a guest author and write articles for blogs and websites in your niche , they should be websites or blogs that have lot of links directed to them, because such links are more important to the search engines, than a link in a mini-directory on a mini-site.

7. Exchange links.

When you have made some friends amongst online webmasters or blog owners just like you, encourage them to exchange links with you. Just imagine you have a friend with 10 sites or blog and you are linking to at least 8 of his sites , that’s another unique way of getting traffic to your website or blog.



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