RuneScape: Does Jagex Really Want Your Money?

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I join Runescape four years ago. As of now, I have 5 accounts over level 50 which is decent and shows that I have some experience about the game. I am now retired and only play every once a month despite the fact I still write article on the subject. With the many things I have seen through my time in this game, I’ve had mixed feeling and ideas about the game and the staff.

I. Is Jagex really the bad guy?

From a first impression, yes they are. The many things they have changed in history of Runescape has hit players hard. The Wilderness updates, Pest Control, Trade Restrictions, and the countless number of tweaks on the in game interfaces has probably given everyone a negative feeling towards the staff.

What many of you do not understand is that Jagex is trying to save their game by sacrificing something important to better the community. The reason they had to change the wilderness, trading, and general player killing was because of Real World Trading. That way, it was virtually impossible to Real World Trade in Runescape. You know how bad that was for everyone? If some guy paid $400 for 3 billion coins and a level 126 account, and got scammed, Jagex would be held responsible. They wanted to make the game fair. They lost their best players bt save their game.

Of course Jagex made some stupid moves. The whole Pest Control dilema was stupid. Also, the game interface was ruin and everyone did not like it. When they moved the log out button, about 73% (according to poll) didn’t know how to log out.

But Jagex is trying there best. Some of the things they do are of what 50% of the community wants, and the other 50% is what the other half of the community wants. It’s a lose-lose situation for them. So they have to be brave and do what they think is best.

II. Does Jagex want our Money

I think the free to play game is a demo. Just about everything in game is limited unless you pay them $8.00 for a month worth of membership. Now, thats not really alot but some people do find that a bit much, especially since it went up $3.

Now What they could do is give more interaction for the free to players. I find it boring now that I did all the free to play quests, achievement diaries, and gotten about a good amount of experience from skilling and training. My daily routine use to be “Chop wood, sell wood, get items, then maybe PK.”. That is boring.

And Jagex really pushes you to buy membership. You played the Free to Play Version but now you want more. They have you craving. It’s nice being a member since I’ve done it for a month using Prize Rebel. But it really does get alittle boring too when you have to get your Herblore to 45 just to do one quest.

Jagex just should be way more involved with the community which they do sometimes. For example, constant updates, much more Forum action, and hosting event in the Runescape worlds.

III. What can we do?

We can really just wait for Jagex to do lighten up alittle. They do let a certain amount of players on their forums who have 12 million experience total. But dont rant, rather try to help restore Runescape. All those protests in he Runescape worlds dont do anything but get you banned. Jagex doesnt miind losing players considering they lost alot already.

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