How to Make Free Caller ID Spoofing Calls

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SpoofCard offers a free caller ID spoofing trial. Just dial the toll free number, set the number you want to display on the caller ID of the person you’re calling, and make your call. You can also disguise your voice and record your spoof call. The trial is free, additional minutes for phone calls can be purchased online. You can also get 5 free minutes if you tweet about SpoofCard on Twitter. See the home page for details.

PhoneGangster gives you one free caller ID spoofing call. Just go to their website and enter your information on the free caller ID spoofing call form. You can disguise your voice to male or female and record the conversation to listen the call later.

Telespoof allows you one free caller ID spoofing call. Fill out the form on their website and they will call you, then connect you to the person you want to call.

BluffMyCall Free calls are limited to 2 minutes and are currently only avialable for free in the U.S. and Canada.

You can also try to do your own form of spoofing by blocking your phone number from caller ID. To do this just dial 67 before making a call from your phone. You should hear two beeps or stutters and then the dial tone. Dial the phone number you want to call. While many phone companies use 67, some may differ, so check with the phone company you use to find out what numbers you need to dial to block your caller ID.


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