His Mother’s Visit

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When Aaron said his mother was coming for a month, Shirley

considered how hard she could hit him with the frying

pan to cause amnesia but not death.

She’d heard about Julia from Ruthie, Aaron’s younger


Shirley was stunned by how Ruthie castigated her own

mother to a ‘stranger’. Her own mother!

Shirley’s mother lived a thousand miles away, but they

spoke each day. Cynth had raised her daughter never to

forget that her allegiance was Mother/Sister/Husband.

“Your husband can run off with a bar girl,

but your family will never let you down.”

Shirley knew better than to put Aaron first.

Discussing what to do about the horrid Julia

Cynth and Shirley decided;

1) Aaron would be encouraged to spend ‘quality time’

with his mother…(hopefully to provoke an early blow up)

2) Julia would be taken to the supermarket on the day she

arrived, (she should be so tired she’d forget half of what

she wanted and with fruit piled on top of the meat, be

fooled into thinking there were a lot of items already

purchased for her consumption.)

3) They’d put Julia into the coldest room in the house

so that where they might be a bit chill at 75o, Aaron’s

mother should freeze at 70o.

“I give her five days,” Cynth decided.

“If Ruthie’s right I doubt that long, but I’m expecting

a week…” Shirley shared.

Julia was to arrive at two p.m., Aaron collect her and

notify Shirley. He’d keep her out until about six, and

as they arrived, there’d be the supermarket foray.

If Julia said she was tired, Shirley would moan;

“Oh, but there’s nothing for

you to eat in the house, as

we were waiting for you to

come and tell us what you want.”

The plan went as scheduled, but if anyone was

unprepared for a visitor, it was Shirley.


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