Photographic Resumes Are An Awesome Sales Tool

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The use of a photographic resume as a sales tool has always served me well. I have had several customers come right out and say that I was awarded the job based on my photographic presentation.

Photographs act as a fantastic reference point in all aspects of customer relations. I use a nice leather portfolio with a selection of my finest construction photographs. All of the projects showcased are backed up by satisfied customers.

This link showcases some of shed plan projects. When I showed it to a friend, he all but begged me to create something very similar for him. The photo got me a nice job! I was not even looking for work. When photographing a project for display, I recommend the before, during,and after method.

At your initial meeting with a customer, sequential photographs are key to explaining your plan and methods of job completion. Another impressive way to display your photographic resume is with a laptop computer. One other method for display is the portable DVD/Picture CD player. With these two display methods, you have the option of a slide-show presentation!

Take carpentry for example. When you say soffit or fascia, many people have no idea what you are talking about. Show them a photograph of soffit and fascia and they know exactly what you are referring to.

On more than one occasion, the check has been written before the show was over! Another benefit of photographing your work is the personal satisfaction and pride you can experience time and time again over the course of your lifetime. 


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