How to Make a Gift Box or Trinket Box out of a Greeting Card

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 This is just a fun little box that you can use to give a small gift like jewelry, or just keep some of your little items in one place. These are also a fun project to do with kids. They don’t cost anything because you can use old greeting cards. They also make a cute keepsake if you want to keep a special card, but don’t want to just file it away. 
Difficulty: Moderately EasyInstructions
Things You’ll Need:
1 greeting card
hot glue or Elmers glue

Step 1

Measure out a perfect square on each side of the greeting card. I used 11″ by 11″. You can make this smaller or larger depending on the size of your card or the size of box you want. It just has to be a square. Cut these out.

Step 2

Measure in 3″ on a diagonal from each corner and cut in to that point from the corner. Do this on all 8 corners.

Step 3

Fold in each side pressing down hard while you fold to create a defined edge. Do not fold in the tabs on the ends yet.

Step 4

Fold tabs in toward the inside of the box to form triangles. Do this as straight as possible to make even triangles.

Step 5

Glue the sides together. Put one dot of glue on each triangle so that the glue is hidden on the inside of the box. Hot glue is easiest because it dries and holds instantly. If you use white glue, you will have to hold each edge in place until it stays.

Step 6

Fit the top and bottom together to form the box.

Tips & Warnings

You can make this smaller, larger, deeper or thinner if you just change the size that you cut each square and each diagonal line. Just make sure whatever you change, you do so consistently so it still comes out in the shape of a box.


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