Behind On Your Christmas Shopping?

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Well Sometimes we all get overwhelmed and maybe you walk into Wal-Mart and look around and just want to cry! That is because, you failed to plan, which in turn means you plan to fail!

Step 1, Get organized! Make a list of everyone you want to buy something for! It doesn’t matter how small a gift you want to get them make a list of EVERYONE! Now that you have the list, go through it and write down how much you want to spend on them, be sure to do this FIRST! After you do that return to your list and beside the name and amount you will spend write down the type of gift! You will notice perhaps that you wanted to give someone an Xbox 360 game but only  budget of 20$. Well, do not just add 40-50$ to that person! Find away around it, buy a reasonably priced used game! Unless of course your loaded but if you can afford that chances are you just pay someone to do your shopping anyway! You now have a list of what you need down to the type of gift, such as technology, clothes, CDs etc. (This should only take about half an hour.)

Step 2, Now that you are armed with a list, you want to spring out and go shopping! Well, your right but the thing is, don’t go “shopping” go “hunting”. You know exactly the types of things you need. You wanted to get 6 people technology, CDs, or movies. It only logically makes sense to go direct to the technology/gaming departement or if your lucky enough to have good specialty stores head direct to one of them. Now remember, there is no point looking at the speaker systems or CDs you want for yourself your on a mission and a time constraint in most cases! Get to it!

Step 3, You have all your shopping done, wonderful! Now you only have a few gifts for special people you need to put extra thought into (ie. spouse, significant other). Only one small glitch, you now have 50 gifts you need to wrap. Go back to the store and buy 3-4 different types of wrapping paper, and a lot of tape! Hopefully you know how to wrap a gift properly on the ends, if not get someone to show you! Because if you don’t know how it will take approximatly…FOREVER to wrap all those gifts by the time you do each one different and redo a few! They still won’t look very good unless you fold the ends properly!

Step 4, Go spike some eggnog and enjoy the Christmas season and maybe lend a hand to the people around you still scrambling to get shopping done!


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