How to Approach Chickenpox

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It occasionally will infect adults who did not contract it as a child. Chickenpox is harder adults but I don’t know why but it may be because the older you get your immune system is not as strong.

Chickenpox is transmitted by direct contact with droplets from the nose or mouth of an infected person. It seams to be most contagious just before and immediately after spots develop.

When a child or adult contracts chickenpox  the usual treatment is bed rest and plenty of fluids if there is fever. Isolation of the infected child or adult is essential to prevent the spread of infection to others.

After being infected with chickenpox after couple of days of discomfort, appetite loss, and headache the rash will start to show with small pink spots and then turn into pimples surrounded with small red halos. The pimples  become itchy blisters with clear fluid.

Next the blisters turn into scabs. Once all the blisters have crusted into scabs the disease is no longer infectious

Chickenpox usually last no more than twenty one days.

 Chickenpox can be fatal to people that already have a low immune deficiency.

Chickenpox is dangerous to the unborn baby in a  woman

You should see your doctor if a high fever occurs of if blisters develop a yellowish discharge.

Chickenpox is a infection that can be treated but still can be a deadly virus if signs and symptoms are gone untreated.


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