Carbon footprint: Trying to make a greener planet

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I would like to dedicate this poem to all the helpers and good folk who are keen to help get the planet back on its feet. And also to help bring world peace. I am sure there are many people with my views on the world. I am sure there are many good people who are fed up the all the governments in all the countries trying to hide crucial issues with non-important details, such as what colour shoes the First Lady was wearing at the New years Eve Congress Party or something else of the sort. Just things which no-one is particularly interested in.

I would like to thank all my good friends at Triond. Some have agreed with my way of seeing things, others have not, but we are still concerned with the aforementioned fact that we cannot continue to live as we do. Even though we as a people are powerless to stop it. But if we all work as one, together, we may just succeed in achieving World Peace

I have poems and things at sites such as triond and RedGage. Most of them are to do with the downfall of the world or planet if we don’t do something very soon. But sometimes I think that the planet is going to do whatever it’s going to do regardless of our objections. But that doesn’t mean we can’t try to do something to help.

<u>How long before our demise?</u>

How long before our demise?

Our demeanour shan’t cease to spurn

Our words and thoughts are yet to prove

Our place in Nature’s world

Yet we cannot define our existence

Not are we able to learn

We flee at the sign of defeat

Yet we love to patronize

Alone we stand when all is gone

And still we criticize

We love to laugh when others fall

We deserve to be circumcised

Are we unable to foresee

The torment left in our wake

All charlatans are left tongue-tied

On the ground on which they stake

And now they are to be chastened

Nature’s turn to see them quake

Though we all wish for a peaceful world

We regret this cannot be

For the lives we live are much too fast

Even for blind eyes to see

If we gave it thought 200 years past

Today would live a different memory

But for those who tried

We cannot turn the tide

We shall live our lives

And still fester inside

For there is naught we can do

Save watch the heavens cry


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