Some easy to follow eco-friendly tips for eco-friendly house

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If you are going to build a house ,design an environment-friendly house by using architecture in keeping with the climate ,weather ,terrain and general environment of the place.Traditional architectural practices having evolved from the local environment are more eco-friendly.Use locally available material.Use appropriate ideas for raw materials and design to keep the house cool in summer and warm in winter.Design windows and rooms to make maximum use of natural light and breeze.There should be maximum sunlight in winter and minimum sunlight in summer.The house should be in a norht-south direction to maximise wind ventilation. Minimize use of timber by making concrete or store shelves,tables and seating arrangements.Make efficient utilization of space.Go in for renewable sources of energy such as solar heaters for water.Invest in water-efficient flush systems. Keep place for a small garden where some shady ,fruit bearing and medicinal trees can be grown along with a kitchen garden.Design a drainage system to collect rainwater run-off ina tank.Even water used or bathing ,rinsing utensils and clothes can be collected for watering the garden.While using water from a tap,reduce the flow.Donot leave the tap running while brushing your teeth,shaving,washing clothes and utensils.A tap running for 1 minute can drain out more than 10 litres.Use a mug of water for shaving. Reuse water used for final rinsing of clothes to clean the floor and vehicle.Use a bucket and mop to clean the floor and vehicle instead of a hose.It takes nearly 300 litres of water to clean a car by hose. The largest domestic user of water in urban areas is the flush toilet.More than 16 litres of water is used for flush.Install a water regulating flush system in your toilet so that lesser quantities of water can be used.If you have a large flush cistern ,you can reduce the amount of water it holds by putting a bottle inside.To reduce the risk of contamination ,wash fruits and vegetables with a 5% solution of vinegar or a dilute solution of baking powder.Either wash well or peel off the skin of fruits and vegetables.Core out the black area joining the stalk of tomatoes and the root in onions. It is in these areas that toxins are concentrated.Remember ,the biggest and most spotless tomato or luscious -looking apple can be the one with the most pesticides. Find out if there is a shop or farm nearby which sells organic food.If you have space for a kitchen garden,grow native varieties of fruits and  vegetables through natural farming methods.Avoid refined and processed foods.These are expensive,lacking in nutrients and harmful to health.Eat green,unrefined and wholesome food.


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