In the Hands of a Stranger: 1 – On Her Own – Part Seven

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“You’d deserve it.”

“Hey, I feel guilty enough. Please, just tell us where you are, and we’ll come pick you up.”

“No, Bobby, ah ain’t comin’ back. Ah don’t belong there anymore.”

“Yes, you do, Rogue. I love you, and I miss you.”

“Don’t lie, Bobby. If yah loved me so much why were yah kissin’ Kitty. That hurt…so much ah can’t even be around yah. It made me wonder what else yah been goin’.

“Rogue, I swear. I never…”

“Just tell the others ah’m fine and ah’m sorry, but ah just can’t come back.”

“Rogue, please, can’t you just forgive me, and we can start over.”

“No, Bobby, it’s too late for that. Ah gave up mah powers just so we could be t’gether, and yah go an do this…again.”

“Again? What…? Oh, you knew about that.”

“Yea, Bobby, ah knew, and I forgave you. This time I can’t. It’s obvious Kitty is the one you want, so go chase after her and leave me alone.” With that she ended the call. She stared at her cell phone for awhile. She wanted to forgive him, but she just couldn’t.

“Everything alright, chere?” Remy asked.

“Yea, it’s nothin’…not anymore anyway.”

“Wanna talk about it? Remy pretty good listener.”

“No,” she said quietly shaking her head.

Remy didn’t push her any further. He lightened the mood by saying. “How ’bout we go out an’ have some fun?”

“Okay,” she said, a little excitement in her voice.

She grabbed her jacket and quickly put it on. Remy did the same with his trench coat. Ah wonder why he wears that ratty ole thing, she thought. It just one other mystery about this man she would have to figure out, that and the fact that she couldn’t understand why she liked him. Remy led her out the door and down the long hallway. The steps were rickety and steep. She remembered that from last night.

“Come on, chere, we go out the back way.”

She looked skeptical but followed him anyway. “Somethin’ wrong?”

“Non. Jus’ like t’lay low.”

“Does this have anythin’ t’do with that motorcycle last night?”

“Maybe…maybe not. Yah comin’?”

She nodded. What the hell. This was exciting. Bobby never would have thought to do something like that. When they reached the shed where Remy stashed the bike, Rogue heard some voices that made her uneasy.

“Did yah hear that?”

“Yea, stay quiet.” She nodded. She leaned up against a tree near the old broken down shed. The voices were coming from the other side. Remy sneaked pass the other side hoping to catch whoever it was off guard. Then he heard Rogue scream. He turned around.

“Hey, Remy, this here you latest whore?”

“Let her go, Julien. She got not’ing t’do wit dis.”

Rogue kicked the guy in the kneecap catching him off guard, but two other men grabbed Rogue from behind.

“Let her go!” Remy shouted.

“Not a chance, Swamp Rat. Not until you return what yah stole from us,” Julien said. “Oh, that’s right, yah can’t give back my sister ’s honor, not when yah don’t have none yourself.”

“Shut up, Julien. What happened between Bell an’ me ain’t none a’your business. She call it off not me, which is just fine. Now, I ain’t gonna tell you again. Let de lady go.”

Rogue took the opportunity to bite one of her assailants. As he howled in pain, the other threw her to the ground. Remy took the opportunity to get the jump on them. Out from his pocket came several playing cards. He removed his glasses. Julien could see his red glowing eyes.

“That don’ scare me,” Julien snickered.

“It should,” Remy said and threw the cards at him. Julien tried to run but the explosion knocked him several feet. Rogue half on the ground looked stunned. Remy came up to her.

“Come on,” Remy said. “Got t’get outta here.”

She hesitated at first then took his hand. They ran towards the shed door. “You’re a mutant, aren’t yah?” she said.

“Hey, dat a problem?” he asked.

“No,” she said as he inched the bike out. He got on and started the engine. “Comin’?”

“Yea,” she said excitedly. He took her hand and helped onto the bike next to him. “Where we goin’?” She asked as they took off.

“Outta town. Got a problem with dat?”

“No,” she said holding onto him tight. Their destination, parts unknown, and that’s seem to be just fine with the both of them.


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