In the Hands of a Stranger: 1 – On Her Own – Part Six

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Remy approached her a smile on his face, “Chere approve?”

“Yea,” she said, noticing he had cleaned everything up. “It looks nice.” She smiled back at him.

“Are yah hungry? I made breakfast.”

“Yah know, that’s what woke me,” She took a whiff. “Mmm…smells good. Ah can’t cook a lick.”

“Never fear, cherie, Remy fill yah up.”

She wondered what he truly meant by that. She couldn’t help thinking how different this man was from Bobby. Yea, Bobby, why was she thinking of him? He was the one who cheated on her. Maybe this guy would too, but she wasn’t thinking of that. She was thinking how she wanted to get back at Bobby for humiliating her, and to think she was prepared to give herself to him. Since receiving the cure it was possible. Then she wondered if he had cheated on her long before. She wouldn’t have blamed him then, after all he couldn’t touch her then. She knew he and Kitty ki ssed once before. They were ice skating late at night on the grounds. She watched them from her bedroom window. It was then that she decided to take the cure. She wasn’t going to lose him to Kitty. Now she could touch him without hurting him. The cure had changed everything. They could finally be together the way they always wanted. Why now did he decide to ruin it?

Rogue walked into the kitchen where she found Remy had pulled out a chair for her. “Thank yah,” she said. He was being so sweet to her. Maybe she would decide to get back at Bobby with this guy. Still, why did she care about Bobby? He obviously didn’t care about her. Besides, she believed she really liked this guy, even had a dream about him the night before.

S he sat down to a breakfast of bacon and eggs. She took a bit. She jerked a little.

“Somet’ing wrong, chere?”

“No, just a bit spicy,” she said. The smile he’d been wearing had disappeared. “Oh, no, don’t worry, ah like spicy.” She laughed a little. “Haven’t eaten like this in a while. Been livin’ up North too long, ah guess.”

“So, yah like Cajun style?”

“Very much,” she said. She sounded nervous again. Wh y was he making her nervous? He seemed nice enough, though a bit of a flirt. “Yah always make breakfast for strange women?”

“Only the beautiful ones.” His statement made her blush. This he noticed right off, but he didn’t say anything. She could feel him staring at her as she was eating. The feeling gave her goose bumps all over. Why am ah so nervous? He seems nice enough.

“Ah guess ah betta be goin’ soon,” she said. “Ah don’t wanna impose on yah more than ah already have.”

“ Ya haven’t, chere. Remy like havin’ ya around.”


He nodded and took another bite of his breakfast. “Remy could show yah round. Would ya like that?”

“Sure, why not?” She smiled back at him. She finished the last few bites of her breakfast. “That was good. I haven’t eaten like that in a long time.”

“ Remy glad ya liked it, chere.”

“Well, since yah made breakfast. Ah’ll do the dishes. Don’t want yah tah say ah don’t earn mah keep.” She got up from her seat re ady to collect the dirty dishes when Remy stopped her.

“Non. You Remy guest. My job to wait on you.”

She thought about arguing but decided it would be pointless. Sud denly her cell phone rang. Who could that be? She thought to herself. She looked at the caller ID. It was Bobby.

“Ah gotta take this,” she said. He nodded and she walked into the living room , while Remy cleaned up the kitchen. “Hello,” she said.

“Rogue, where are you?” Bobby asked with urgency.

“ None a your business,” she fired. She kept her voice low. “Why yah callin’ me anyway.”

“Because I’m worried about you. Everyone is. Logan’s practically going nuts trying to find you.”

“Hey, Logan’s back?”

“Yea, he called wanting to talk to you, but Jubilee let it spill that you took off.”

“Ohh,” was all she could say.

“You know, he tracked you all the way to the airport. Then the trail went cold. He was so mad he could have ripped the place apart. He would have if Storm hadn’t stopped him. He blames me for you leaving, you know. He almost beat the crap out of me.”


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