In the Hands of a Stranger: 1 – On Her Own – Part Five

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“Non. It be alright. You take the bedroom. I sleep out here.” She stayed silent, hesitating to leave. “Ahh, come on.”

She smiled at him and said, “Alright … but just one night.”

Remy led her away from the door and back to the couch. They talked for a while, until Remy noticed that Rogue was yawning. “Gettin’ tired, chere.”

“Maybe a little,” she said. She rose from her seat and he followed suit. “Y’be needin’ anyt’hing I be right out here.”

“Nice t’know,” she said just above a whispered. At that moment he bent down to kiss her. Her lips felt soft and wet against his. He leaned in further wanting more. She back ed up forcing him to stop. She was shaking a little.

He realized what he had done. He had scared her. “Sorry, chere, didn’t mean tah…Y’jus’ look so pretty, couldn’t help myself.”

She saw the hurt look in his eyes. “No, yah just surprised me. That’s all. Ain’t used tah…” her voice trailed off.

“Hey, somebody do somet’hing to y’?” he asked.

“No, not really. Ah’m usually the one doin’ the hurtin’.”

“Ole Remy don’ be believin’ dat. Girl as beautiful as you couldn’t hurt nobody.”

“Ah ain’t beautiful,” she said, almost in tears. “Why yah be saying ah am?”

“Cause ya are, anyone tell yah dat your not be lying, or jus’ plain ass stupid.”

She laughed a little at his assessment. “Thanks,” she said giving him a quick kiss. “Goodnight,” she said walking over the bedroom.

She opened the door and walked in. She didn’t look to see if he was watching, but she knew that he was. She closed the door behind her. Her heart was beating so fast ; not even Bobby made her feel like this. It excited her and scared her at the same time. There really was no pressure when she was with Bobby. He couldn’t touch her, and she couldn’t touch him. Now things were different. Since receiving the cure she could touch. How she wished she could forget herself. How she wished he would just come charging into the room and throw her down on that bed and do whatever he wanted. She wouldn’t object, and that’s what scared her.

She was glad to see the bedroom wasn’ t as messy as the living room but not by much, at least there was no empty pizza boxes laying around. She could hear him walking around from outside the door. She didn’t dare open it to see what he was up to. She just let her imagination take hold. What are you doin’, girl. Yah don’t even know him. Am ah turnin’ inta some kinda whore just ‘cause ah can touch?

She laughed to herself and went over to her bag to put on some nightclothes. She didn’t pack much, just a nightshirt. She had left all her nightgowns back at the school. What did she need them for? As she put it on she thought to herself, Ah wonder what he wears to bed. Oh, hush, girl, there yah go thinkin’ dirty again. She laughed again. It was kinda exciting being here with a stranger, kinda dangerous, too. Logan would scold her if he knew she was being so reckless.

The sleep was really hitting her now. She decided it was best to crawl under the covers before she fell on the floor. The bed was comfortable enough. She could smell the sheets. There was an aroma of musk. She wondered if was his cologne. If it was she liked it. It was funny. The whole plane trip here all she could think of was Bobby. Not only how he humiliated her with Kitty, but how much she loved him, but did she? It seemed the only person on her mind tonight was Remy, and she didn’t know why.

She fell into sleep easy unaware that Remy was right outside the door. He paced around the living room, desperately trying to clean up the mess. Place look like a landfill , he said to himself. De femme probably t’inks Remy a slob. Well, y’are one. He never cared what anyone thought before, so why was she any different. Even from across the room he could still hear her breathing. Just the look of her excited him. Not only was she beautiful, but there was something behind those eyes, some kind of pain. And why was she so afraid to touch? It was more than him surprising her with that kiss. She freaked even at a handshake. He would find out why, but for now she slept, not that he would be doing much of that on this lumpy couch.

The next morning Rogue woke up late. The smell of frying bacon was what finally woke her. She rose out of bed, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. She grabbed her bag the walked into the bathroom. She looked around. The bathroom was really bare. Just a few drops of shampoo were left. There was a tube of toothpaste, but it h ad been pretty much squeezed dry. Thankfully she had brought some. She turned on the shower, letting the water get hot. She looked over by the toilet and said, “Well, at least he has a towel.” She picked it up and smelled it. It seemed okay. “A used towel’s better than none,” she said and as she took off her clothes and stepped into the shower.

Remy was in the kitchen preparing breakfast when he heard the water running. “Ah, de femme be awake.”

He waited patiently for her to emerge. It was twenty minutes before she came out, her hair was still wet. A few beads of water still lay on her forehead. She walked into the living room and received a shock.


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