Your Greatness !

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Greatness Lies in “YOU”


Today’s world can be rather competitive. There are many who like to tread on toes. Just because they can. Most of them don’t even like to discuss matters. I have learned through life that ” Nothing is for free” Someone has to pay for it. Now we can look at this on a spiritual level and understand a few deeper truths.

To be blessed with talents and gifts is a wonderful thing. Ever since I was a child I was told I was very talented. Now, it was all in the arts. I could not throw a ball to save a soul. I enjoyed my work and was involved in many creative ventures. I studied Architecture, Design, Music in the Royal schools ( Trinity ) and Voice. Even today I use all my gifts over and over and in doing so I realize that they don’t really show my greatness but the greatness of my creator.

There are many who have tread “on me little toes” many a time, but I have got up, looked them in the eye. Forgiven, and moved on and mover up to better things. Today I use my talents to write to you . To create. Most of this graphic work is created by me. But as you can see Architecture is Not my profession. Helping and healing is, and back in school all that was still to be had and felt. It was an adventure all of this and a good one !

However to get here I had to go through many courses of training and it has all helped me to develop my own skills in business and understanding people. To be more caring and loving and patient. It has helped me to value talent and help those less fortunate than I. This is powerful for you and me, if we take time to look at it. Your talents can be used in various ways. They don’t have to be just used for work. There is a combination of you than no one ever has. So don’t let the world with ” Lowly” little people take it away from you. Your Glory is The Glory of God himself, and when we recognize our gifts and use them wisely then we will be led into paths of greatness and you too will be one of the great people that helped to heal the world and shine your love.

Shine your light for all to see,
Under the shady lonely tree,
Do not be afraid that none would see,
For God himself resides,
Gently neath the leaves so green
So let your light shine
Even in lowly places,
Where your greatness is only felt,
and not really seen.

For greatness truly lies within.

I am here to answer your questions on Love, Money, Career, Life Path, Soul Path and Dream interpretation.

Remember your future is in your hands.
Make the right choices and you can get there.


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