In the Hands of a Stranger: 1 – On Her Own – Part Four

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Remy got off the bike first then helped her down. “Where are we?” she asked.

“Mah place,” he said. He slid up closer to her, his lips almost touching hers. She backed up a bit. “Hey, somthin’ wrong, ole Remy don’ bite.”

“No, ah, just … ain’t used tah being touched.”

“Somebody mus’ a’ hurt yah real bad, eh?”

She shook her head. “No, just don’t like touchin’ is all.” A sullen look came to her face.

“Ey, don’ be so sad, touchin’ don’t hurt.” He put his hand on her face, his skin to her. She jerked a little at first but then saw that nothing had happened. She smiled.

He took the bike to the back shed and opened the pad lock and placed it inside. No one in the building but him ever used the old shed. It was so run-down that nobody thought it was safe.

“It be cold out here. Come inside.”

He held out his hand, and she reluctantly took it. He led her into the building ; it was a mixture stone and brick. The foundation was a little worn where the cement had been crumbling. She didn’t care how bad the place looked as long as she didn’t have to go back to that god-awful motel. Being attacked like that was one time she still wished she had her powers. She so wanted to put a hurt on that guy.

Then she thought about Remy. He looked a bit gruff in places but she must have looked the same. Something about him appealed to her. She wondered about those sunglasses. Why wouldn’t he take them off? She wanted desperately to see his eyes.

As they went into the building she asked him, “Why yah wore those sunglasses?”

He turned to her with a sly smile and said, “Why yah wore dem gloves?” She laughed at that. “See dare. We both have our secrets.”

He led her up three flights of stairs and down a long hallway. He reached into one of hs pockets and got out a key. It was gold and shined in the dark hallway. He opened the door and escorted her inside.

She looked around. The place wasn’t very clean. She saw some empty pizza boxes, some foam food trays and pile of dirty clothes. She looked at him with hint of disapproval. “Yah live here.”

“Remy ain’t much for housekeepin’.”

He hurried to remove some of the garbage and cleared a space on the couch for her to sit. He came to sit down next to her. “So, yah steal that motorcycle?”

“Non, he no do not’ing. Owe me one.” He looked into her eyes, they were a deep rich green. He found himself getting lost in them. “Ah, swear, dos’ be the prettiest eyes I eva see.”

She smiled, shifting awkwardly. “What ‘bout youh’s. Can’t really see through those glasses.”

He got up from the couch. “ Ya won’ like what ya see.”

She got up, too. “How yah know if yah don’t eva show ‘em.”

He turned around, looking at her through the dim light. “What kin da girl are ya?”

She approached him and raised her hands to his face. She took a hold of the sunglasses. He instinctively grabbed her arm, but before he could stop her, she removed the glasses. She saw the red glow of his eyes. Thinking she would scream in terror he turned his face away. He had let go her arm, thinking he would hear her running down the hallway, but all was quiet. He turned back to see her still standing there, not shocked or flinching at his presence, just standing there looking at him with a smile on her face.

At that moment he leaned in and kissed her. She backed away a little. She saw the hurt look in his eyes. “Sorry, ah’m just not used tah touchin’.”

He took her hand, “That alright, ain’t used tah people seein’ mah eyes.”

“They’re nice… like that kiss. It was nice, too.”

This time she leaned in and kissed him long and hard. He pulled her tight towards him, getting a bit carried away. He ran his hands up and down her back and down to her bottom. His hands clutched tightly , which caused her to pull away. Her breathing was heavy. She thought to herself, What yah think yah doin, ya don’t even know ’em.

“Ah should go,” she said and headed for the door.

He raced to the door before she could reach it. “Please, stay. Remy don’ get much company. I promise I behave myself.”

She thought, Ah know ah should go, but ah really don’t want tah. “Ah can’t,” she finally said.


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