In the Hands of a Stranger: 1 – On Her Own – Part Three

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“Won’ tell yah anyways,” he said, stretching out across the bar. Rogue had been watching him the entire time , and he had just noticed her. “Who dat? Haven’t seen her ‘fore?”

“Don’ know, ole Rem, mos’ be fro’ outta town.”

“ An here ole Remy t’inks yah hidin’ somet’ing.” Both men laughed at the comment. Rogue looked away when she realized he was staring at her. “Hey, Jaque, plate a’ jambalaya, and bring it to dat table over dere.”

“Wha’ever yah say.”

He approached her table, which made her shutter. “Seat taken?” he asked. She shook her head no. She sat stiffly avoiding his face. “Hey, dere, pretty lady no eat ‘lone.”

He sat down next to her. She then looked up at him and noticed that he was wearing sunglasses. That’s strange, at night. Her first instinct told her that he had something to hide.

“Don’ mind if ah sit wid you?” She shook her head no.

Something about him was making her nervous. “Pretty lady no talk.” He smiled which eased her a little. “Dat be okay. My name’s Remy. What be yours?”

She saw that he held out his hand. She took it reluctantly. “Umm … Ah’m…ah … Rogue.” She folded her hands across her lap. She was still nervous about people touching her.

“Ain’ neva seen you ‘fore. Wher’ yah from?”

“Nowhere,” she said softly. It was true. She had no home anymore, but it was by choice this time. She couldn’t go back, but she wasn’t sure if she could go forward. “Ah just got here today. You?”

“Lived here mah whole life.” She found herself staring at him again. He noticed too. “Like what yah see?”

She turned away again knowing her face had turned beet red. She couldn’t understand why he came to sit down next to her. She didn’t ask for company, didn’t want company, but still he was here and she didn’t want him to leave. For the life of her she couldn’t figure out why.

“Maybe ah do? What about you?” She found herself flirting with him, and she liked it.

“Wouldn’ wanna sit ‘ ere if I din’t.”

She found herself smiling at him, and by the time the food came they were laughing. “Hey, Jaque, best jambalaya in town.”

She hesitated with the spoon for a moment. “Go on, chere, be good fo’ yah.”

She started to relax a little, thanks to Remy. She had then decided this trip was worth the trouble after all. After the meal was over he said, “Can I ‘scort ya somewheres.”

“Ahh, no, ah…” She became all tongue-tied, and she didn’t want to tell him about the fiasco at the motel.

“Nowhere tah go, chere’?” he asked.

“Somethin’ like that,” she said. That was as truthful as she wanted to be.

“Don’ worry. You stay wid me, neh?” That uneasy feeling came over her again. He noticed it right away. “Don’ worry, chere’, I be perfect gentleman, promise?”

She didn’t know why but she trusted him. “Alright,” she said hesitantly.

They walked out of the bar together. Two of the men playing pool looked up at them in disgust and one whispered something to the other. Rogue didn’t like it. Something about it didn’t sound right.

“How you like N’leans so far?”

“Don’ know, only been here few hours. Kinda a last minute trip.”

“Ya running from somethin’ dere?”

“Umm … sorta … ah came from New York. Ah just couldn’t stay there no more and ahh … jumped on the first plane out.”

“Ahh, ole Remy done dat plenty a’times. Always comes back.”

He took her to the back parking lot where he stopped in front of a motorcycle.

“This yahr ride?”

“Is now, chere.” He got on the bike and revved up the motor. “Comin’?”

She hesitated for a moment , until she heard shouts coming from the edge of the parking lot. “Hey, you!” a man shouted. “That’s my bike!”

“Now o’ neva, chere’.” He held out a hand and she grabbed on. “Hol’ on tight.” She wrapped her arms around him. Before she knew it they took off down the street. She never felt so free in all her life. She felt like they had been riding forever but felt disappointed once they stopped.


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