How to Click, Clip and Cut Your Grocery Bill During a Recession

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We are dealing with challenging economic times and people from all over the world are finding that they must do everything they can to save money. Well, in this article, I will show you how to save money on your grocery bill by clicking, clipping and cutting your grocery bill. Let’s begin.

Take inventory of your cabinets.  Figure out what you have on hand. Even though this takes time, it will pay off in the long term. When evaluating all your food items, pay special attention to those staple items that you have on hand and which ones you need. You may be surprised to find that you have a plethora of great items ready to be used. In addition, this will prevent you from purchasing items that you already have. After all, staples can be expensive when they are not on sale. If you find you’re missing some items, add them to your list.

Take inventory of your freezer and refrigerator. Next, move to your freezer. You may be surprised to find that you already have a lot of meats, poultry, and fish that you’ve forgotten about. In addition, you may find that although the items have expired, you may still be able to use them for a set period of time due to the fact that they were frozen. To determine if they’re still good, go online and do a search for food storage dates. Next, move on to your fruits and other items like milk, cheese, etc. Evaluate them for freshness and remove items that have expired.

Make menus for a month. Now, that you know what you have on hand, it is now time to plan your months for a month. After all, planning ahead always saves money. As you devise your menu, utilize all the food you have in your home. Knowing what you’re serving for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks will help you save money on groceries as well as live a healthier life style.

Make a shopping using coupons. As you look at your inventory and your menu, make a grocery list of items you still need. To do so, look in magazines, newspapers and various sites to see what coupons are available to use while shopping. As a matter of fact, click and clip all coupons that you find and start a file for them. Even though you don’t need the coupons now, bank them for later.

Go shopping. Next, you should go shopping with your list and coupon. Make sure that you stick with your list and buy store brands and items that are on sale or ones that you have a coupon. Some stores have store rewards; take time to complete application form so you can also utilize store savings if you are not already doing so.

In conclusion, you can clip and cut your grocery bill tremendously. You simply have to take stock of your existing inventory, utilize food and staples on hand, plan ahead by making monthly menus, make a grocery list, find clip coupon, and shop for bargains. Once you do this, you will significantly cut your grocery bill and have more cash on hand. Have fun!


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