Saturday, December 16

How to Improve Your Personality

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Laugh as much as you can.

Laughter is a positive, natural condition which helps to improve respiration, lower blood pressure and tone up the heart.

If you feel sad, cry.

Research has shown that tears not only provide stress relief but also helps the body get rid of harmful chemical substances. If you suppress your natural instinct to cry, you are increasing your chances of facing a stress related disorder.

Anger is a killer.

Diseases like high blood pressure, stroke and heart disease are all results of uncontrolled anger. Find a positive way such as physical exercise or talking about your problems to release it.

Lack of self-confidence can be very destructive, so build it up.

You can do this by imagining that you are creating an advertisement for yourself, writing down all your good qualities. You will be surprised to find how many good qualities you have.

Smile as often as you can.

If someone sees you smiling, he will smile back. He would also like your company.

Learn to be courageous.

In hospitals the patients who live longest are the ones who bear their condition with courage. The same is true in life also.

Boredom is one of the biggest killers.

Be prepared to take risk and chance to add excitement to your life. If you don’t take risk, you will never know what you can achieve.

Put purpose in to life.

By adding ambition, hope and purpose, you will give yourself new powers to fight stress and stain associated with frustration, boredom and pressure.

Get into the habit of following your instincts.

Practice first with minor decisions- what to eat and wear. You will be surprised to know the power of your subconscious mind.


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