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What Makes a Man Good or Bad?

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If consuming wine is bad to one, it is very good for another. If eating non-vegetarian food is good to one, it is bad for another. But the basic moral, cultural and traditional.

There is none absolutely good expect of course, the creator. Every man or woman is a combination of good and bad. The difference is only in the proportion.

One may basically be good and another may be basically bad. If one is 60% good and 40% good. Individually, conscience helps one to identify good from the bad.

There is none totally good or totally bad. Only the degree of goodness or badness varies from person to person.

What makes a man good or bad? Previous Karma, Birth, Training, Environment and association are some of the reasons.

Man is subjected to enjoy or suffer the results of his own actions. Good actions bring forth good results and bad actions bring forth bad results. This is a scientific truth like action and reaction cause and effect. Thus the results of ones actions in the previous

Birth follow in the present birth like a shadow follows a person.

Effects of good and bad actions run parallel and one is not adjusted against the other. Man had to enjoy or suffer the results of both good and bad actions. That explains why even pious persons, noble persons and persons of charitable nature suffer severely from physical and mental ailments.

The next cause is birth. Where a person is born in a home where the total environment is bad, he cannot grow into a good person.

Training by parents, teachers and elders also plays a vital role in shaping a man good or bad. Last but not the least is the association one places himself or attracts does make him good or bad.

Though one is born with the heavy weight of bad actions of his earlier birth, it is possible to reduce the intensity of the result of his earlier bad actions by constantly thinking of the creator, associating with good people, developing good environment, choosing a good career or profession and by reading good books.

You can make or mar your present and future though not your past. You will reap what you sow.

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