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Why Does One Become Deaf?

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Congenital deafness can be caused by many different factors. For example, it the pregnant woman suffers from measles within three months of conception, the child born can be deaf. However, in many cases deafness occurs after the death.

In one case the sound waves are not able to reach the eardrum because they get obstructed by the deposition of a waxy substance in the eardrum. We all notice the formation of a brown colored waxy substance inside the ears.

This regularly comes out of the ear in small bits. In some cases this material is deposited on the eardrum. As a result of this, sound waves get reflected back and are unable to reach the eardrum. In another case, the internal nerves of the ear get burst due to some injuries or very intense sounds and consequently the ear is unable to hear any sounds.

The people who live in very noisy areas also get their hearing power impaired. They are able to hear only loud sounds. Deafness can be caused by ear disease also. Some times due to the bad effects of the disease in other parts of the body also cause deafness. Even aging reduces the power of hearing. Excessive uses of some intoxicating medicines also affect power of hearing.

At times undesirable growth of some bones inside the ear also causes deafness because these prevent sound waves from reaching the main parts of the ear. Today instruments are available by which one can hear feeble sounds. Such instruments are known as “hearing ads”.

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