Tired of Over Eating? Lets Start With Morning Snack and Lunch

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You have probably already read my article on keeping breakfast satisfying without over doing it. Well, breakfast is now a few hours behind us and your tummy is beginning to rumble.You are going to want something satisfying without blowing your calorie budget for the day. So, what’s the plan?

First Snack

I first begin with a bottle of water. It is amazing how fast you will fill up with just a bottle of water inside of you. Secondly, this is a great time for a piece of fruit. There is more fibre in a piece of fruit than in a glass of juice and because of this, you are good until lunch time rolls around. And it contains less sugar than say a muffin… which is really a glorified piece of cake in a different shape. And oh yes, back to the protein. I find that a tablespoon of walnuts is a good source of protein and works well with fruit. Some alternatives that I have tried… a tub of low sugar yogurt, a glass of vegetable cocktail or even a rice cake. They have an amazing way of filling you up. So, choose your beverage, a piece of fruit and some nuts or one of the alternatives above and you are good until lunch! Ps… the rice cake doesn’t come with nutrients attached, so you have to be sure to pair it up with one or two items that does!

Onto Lunch

Here’s my lunch today… another bottle of water because I know that I don’t drink enough. An *egg salad sandwich made with two slices of whole wheat bread, a medium sized carrots cut into sticks, a piece of fruit and then as a treat, a tiny bowl of corn chips. And just in case you are wondering, the bowl is less than 1/4 cup but it looks bigger and it satisfies me. Did you notice the * beside the egg salad. I put it there to draw your attention. My egg salad uses as little low fat salad dressing as I can use to pull it all together. (You might even use unflavored yogurt.)  I also toss in a handful of dried onion flakes for added flavor. If you can think of anything else to add extra flavor, go for it.

And in the works… Tired of Over-eating… the afternoon snack and dinner. And for good measure I will throw in the evening snack free of charge 😉


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