Relieve Neck Tension

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Do you have frequent headaches like many people these days? I know I do. I have been to many doctors and chiropractors to fix this problem, and after years of advice and medications, I am finally feeling better by following these steps in the morning to stretch my neck out. 

Difficulty: Easy


Things You’ll Need:

  • a few minutes when you first wake up before rushing to start your hectic day
  • a few minutes later in the day if you start to feel tense
  1. Step 1

    Sit up in your bed or on a chair before you jump up to begin the day

  2. Step 2

    Take a deep breath and try not to rush these stretches. The key is to start your day off stress free, doing something for yourself before everyone else puts demands on you

  3. Step 3

    With your hands relaxed down at your sides, drop your head forward with your chin to your chest naturally. Just let the weight of your head pull it forward and don’t push it. Feel the stretch down the back of your neck and down your spine. Hold this for 30 seconds while breathing naturally.

  4. Step 4

    Slowly roll your head to the right side so that your chin is still down but angled to the right side. You should feel this stretch through the left side of your neck. This is usually the most tense for me. Try not to make it painful. Just stretch it out and don’t push it. Hold that for 30 seconds, then do the same on the opposite side.

  5. Step 5

    For the last stretch, hold your head upright with your neck and back straight. Slowly tilt your head to one side, leaning your ear down to touch your shoulder or as far as you can to feel the stretch and not feel uncomfortable. Hold that for 30 seconds then do the other side.

  6. Step 6

    Now that you are done stretching, slowly take a deep breath and start your day. Do these stretches during the day to relieve tension, and make sure you drink plenty of water to keep hydrated so headaches don’t sneak up on you.

Tips & Warnings

  • After a while, your neck should get more stretched out and not tense up as easily
  • Don’t push any of these stretches, just use the weight of your head and that is plenty. We don’t want to pull the muscles, just slowly release them. Check with a doctor first if you have neck or back problems.

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