Short Task-Scam

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Yesterday, I came across a questionable website called,”ShortTask.” The website claims to pay users for doing tasks or charges hosts for uploading tasks that need to be done for them. This article will be covering the task portion of the website.

The basic concept of the website is this. People upload tasks that need to be done and sets a reward price for whoever completes it. Once a host has verified that a someone has completed their task, they are paid. Once a solver has reached the 50 dollars, they are eligible for cashout via paypal. Although this may sound enticing, I will be explaining why one shouldn’t join this website. After doing some in-depth research on the site, I found some negative feedback. One user complains of getting his account cancelled after reaching about 40 dollars. He spent about a month and a half of solving tasks, only to be scammed out of 40 bucks. Another user complains of not being credited for his tasks. He roughly completed 50 tasks but only received credit for about 5. The rules and policies of the site state that any host has the right to refuse to pay solvers. That means that no matter how well a solver completes his assigned task, there is a likelihood that he will not be credited. 

I failed to find a review that provided definitive evidence proving ShortTask to be a scam so I decided to test it out myself. Upon joining the website, I jumped right into doing tasks. While looking through the extensive list of tasks, I noticed that almost every task paid less than the amount of effort you put in per task. For example, there are hundreds of tasks asking you to write a 500 word review on a certain website or product for a measly 20 cents. At that rate, you’ll be making less money than sweatshop workers in 3rd world countries. After working for a solid 2 -3 hours, I decided to wait until the next morning when my earnings and submitted task would have updated. Of the 78 tasks I completed, 70 of them were accepted! Although the ratio of accepted to declined tasks were surprisingly high, my earnings total was incredibly low. I had about $1.23 in my account, averaging at about 2 cents a task. Even if I worked at this rate everyday for a month, I still wouldn’t hit payout. Right now, I’m debating whether even all the tasks combined would hit the payout! 

Although I am not sure of whether the site pays you upon reaching the $50 threshold, I am certain that it is not a site I want to spend time working on. The site can already be classified as a scam due to its horrible pay rates. If one averages at about 40 cents an hour, they can be making more money begging on the streets. The highest paying offers that I have seen on the sites are at about $1. These tasks are extremely difficult. Usually, they require you to write a review on a product or website, including specified keywords, vocabulary words, and references. The reviews then must be published on a forum or article website where it pends conformation from the host. If the host doesn’t like it, well, sorry… that’s an hour and a half down the drain.

The overall feel of the website is uncomfortable. The website has a basic interface which smells of cheap and the task submission process is very slow and complicated. There will always be a box to enter your username, email, and proof that you completed your task. This can be very irritating as providing evidence for your task is usually copying an entire review into the text-box.

I have noticed that this program is extremely similar to MTurk(Mechanical Turk). MTurk is a website run by where it has the same concept of ShortTask, except that it seems to be getting better reviews. There is only a $10 payout limit and the tasks pay a small fraction better. Although MTurk seems to be a legitimate version of ShortTask, I can most definitely conclude that both programs aren’t worth your time. 

People are better off working at more lucrative pay sites such as Treasure Trooper. Happy Earnings! 


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