How To Cure Chapped Lips

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Having dry lips can be very painful and annoying at times. It is important that you go through the right procedures and steps to properly moisten them. Here are some rules you should follow when curing dry lips:

1. Drink Lots of Water- It is extremely important to hydrate from the inside to the outside. Drinking water will result in instant satisfaction. 

2. Don’t Lick Your Lips- It is extremely important to never lick your lips. Your saliva makes your lips drier over time and makes your lips feel cut and cracked. It also leaves permanent markings on your lips. I still have dark spots on my lips from when I licked them.

3. Chapstick/Lipbalm- Use medicated items such as Chapstick to moisten and rejuvenate your lips health. Be careful when using Chapstick, over usage will result in swelling of the lips. Apply 4 times a day.

4. Don’t use Lipstick- Lipstick can be the cause of dry lips and using lipstick while having flaked lips will only slow the recovery process down. 

5. Smear Butter on your Lips- An old home remedy to dry lips is butter. Butter is said to soothe the pains of cracked, flaky lips. It acts as a moistener and restores lip health.

6. Do not Drink Orange Juice- This does not necessarily slow the recovery process down but it is extremely painful! The juice in oranges can be sour and will sting the cracks and cuts on your lips. Probably one of the worst things you can do to your lips. 

Your lips can take up to one week to fully recover if not treated properly. If you can correctly abide by these 6 rules, I can guarantee instant results. At most, it should take 2-3 days to recover. Hopefully this guide has helped you cure your dry lips.


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