January Girl: Chapter One -To Her Own Devices- Part Three

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“Roast beef with Swiss and a lemonade.”

“Sure, just a minute.” The girl stared her way while she was making the sandwich. “That will be seven-fifty.”

Cree almost didn’t believe it. The prices in New York were almost double of what they were in Ohio. She though that maybe coming here was a mistake, but she made that choice and now she was stuck with it.

As she walked the city streets she feared that everyone was staring at her. There were drunks on the street corners, sleeping on the sides of buildings, alleyways and park benches, even the people in the passing cars. For the first time she realized that she was truly alone. Life with Elizabeth Bowman wasn’t perfect, but at least she had a roof over her head.

Cree walked down street after street. She didn’t know where she was going nor did she care, but the night would soon come, and she needed to find a place to sleep. She dared not go to the mission. She didn’t want to get picked up. She had heard stories of authorities throwing kids in jail for running away from home. Even though she didn’t actually run away that would be Elizabeth’s story. How she wished her secret had never been found out.

She walked all the way down to the Lower East Side where the lights of the city seemed to dim. Suddenly she felt chills overtake her. She noticed a lot of bars, one with the saying ‘Live Nude Girls’. She didn’t really know what that meant. People passed her on the street, but none took notice of her. She pushed her way along until she ran into someone.

“Hey, watch it, bitch.” She turned to see a boy around her own age. He wore an old worn out jean jacket and denims with holes at the knees and a black baseball cap that said ‘Bite me’.

“Sorry,” she said holding on tightly to her backpack.

“Look, girly. Ya don’t watch yourself. Ya gonna get cut.”

Suddenly there was a commotion a few blocks down, and the boy looked up. “Damn.”

“What is it?” Cree questioned.

“Can’t talk now. Gotta go.” The boy took off running.

“Hey, wait,” Cree shouted running after him.


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