Are you tired of trying to lose weight?

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Every day you see and hear about diets that fail everyday people are depressed because they cannot lose weight if you are that person I understand. I have been there I want to tell there is hope. The trick is opposite of what you might think. Your body works opposite of what everyone tells you.

When you go on a diet there is a reason that it does not work. Diets cause your body to go into starvation

Mode so instead of burning calories everything you eat your body stores as fat.

The trick too losing weight is too eat more food, yes I said it eat more. Nevertheless, you cannot eat just anything

It still should be good for your body and soul. It is sad that companies prey on people that are over

Weight. It is all about the money, also another trick is to eat a big breakfast in the morning everything you eat in the morning you burn off. You should be eating six or seven times a day in small meals, I dropped over a hundred pounds in seven years. Another good idea is to have a food journal, and then you can see

What you are eating and what you should not be eating. America is overweight and the only way too

Fix it is too change what we consume. When I struggle, the most is in the winter. With the harsh climate, it is hard to spend much time outside so I spend excessively much time in front of the television and computer. I guess you just need to decide how bad you want to be healthy.


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