Politically Correct

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What is the difference between a Republican and Democrat? For one a republican is more conservation Democrats on the other hand are feisty. Each party has its good traits In addition, it has bad traits also. I am Republican. I admit George w Bush has made mistakes. Have you ever made mistakes?

Are you perfect? If so maybe you should run for president. As a nation, we need to put aside Our differences and solve the problem of our economy. I am sick and tired of Americans who want to Blame all their problems on someone else. Why should I have to pay for your mistakes? Why don’t you Pay everyone’s debt off.

Let us start over with a clean slate. Why should you get a free bailout? If you want to blame someone for your mistakes blame yourself. Until this nation puts aside its Differences we will never fix any problems that we have. Do I believe anything that politicians have to say whether republican or democrat?

No. I do not care who becomes president because it is not going to Make a difference. I put a republican bumper sticker on car just to see how the democrats would react. Now tell me this. Is it right that you threaten to run me off the road because l Am republican? You just make me want to be republican even more. I will continue to share my opinions even if you don’t like it. Its my right we live in a democracy. I will admit i don’t know everything and I am willing to listen if you are willing to listen. we have to meet on even ground. Only then can we be friends.


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